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Visual Basic For Application (VBA)

Introduction to VBA

  • What is VBA?
  • What Can you Do with VBA?
  • Recording a Macro
  • Procedure and Functions in VBA

Variables in VBA

  • What is Variables?
  • Using Non-Declared Variables
  • Variables Data Types
  • Using Const Variables

Message Box and Input box function

  • Customizing Msgboxes and Inputbox
  • Reading Cell Values into Messages
  • Various Button Grops in VBa

If and Select Statement

  • Simple if Statements
  • The Elseif Statement
  • Defining select case statements

Looping in VBA

  • Introduction to Loops and Its Types
  • Work with For Next Loop
  • Work with Do While Loop
  • Work with While Wend Loop
  • Work with Do Until Loop
  • Work with collection loop (For Each)

Arrays in VBA

  • Introduction about Arrays
  • Single Dimensional Array Vs Multidimensional Array
  • Statics Array Vs dynamic Array

Dictionary Function In VBA

  • Introduction of Dictionary Function
  • Dictionary Vs Array

Mail Functions - VBA

  • Using Outlook Namespace
  • Send Automated Mail
  • Outlook Configurations (MAPI)
  • Push outlook e-mails in Excel

Web Scraping - VBA

  • Data Extracted from Website to Excel